Romantic Comedy Announces Launch of New Website Dedicated to this Genre

The movie genre of the Romantic Comedy has fallen to the eighth most popular genre in the United State, bringing in an estimated $137 million in 2016. But that’s not stopping a new website dedicated to celebrating the genre from issuing a call to action for rom-com lovers everywhere to rally and gush about their favorite movies and books. The Romantic Comedy website has been created to stir the heart strings, tickle the funny bone and kindle a spirit of hope in romantics everywhere. 

“Our new website is designed to bring romantic comedy lovers together to discuss movies, love stories, human nature and more,” stated Romantic Comedy, Inc. spokesperson Kristin Larsen. “The world needs more love. We hope our website and forum brings those with the same ideals together to spark more joy in the world.”

The new website not only provides information on old and new movies in this genre, but also provides a forum, shop and a place to register and receive information regarding the topics being discussed. Profiles of rom-com book authors will also appear on the site. Authors are welcome to reach out if they’d like to be interviewed. It is truly a one-stop-shop for any rom-com lover.

“Our hope is that it becomes a sort of rom-com hub,” Larsen continued. “We plan to update it regularly and provide insightful and informative topics related to the subject.”

For those who love romantic comedies, they aren’t going to find a more complete website than what is offered here. This site is designed to suit the demands of this genre and ensure everyone who visits is sure to love it more than Bridget Jones loves Mark Darcy.


The plot revolves around the love that blooms between two protagonists and the theme typically explores an issue with that love or the comedic circumstance that get in the way, including love triangles, forbidden love, or comedic misunderstandings. These films often evoke strong emotions and can explore human nature, which is why all types of people are drawn to them. 

ABOUT ROMANTIC COMEDY, INC. is a fan-created website focused on the Romantic Comedy genre. It is designed to provide a place for fans to discuss their favorite stories, movies and books with other comedy-loving, lovesick, and soft-hearted individuals. The blog posts and forums are updated regularly. This is the perfect site for any rom-com fanatic to gather and talk. Visitors to the site will quickly see it is designed to be easy to use and provides information on the topics they care about most. All rom-com, all the time.

Tamika Holmes
Romantic Comedy, Inc.

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The 5 Commandments of Dating And How Learn More

What to Look for in a Dating Coach Looking for a dating coach? There are many out there, but here’s what: there are the good ones and the not so. After all, people don’t just wake up one day and realize they can help someone with their social life. They have to be trained, skilled and ripened by experience. In short, research about the different coaches who interest you, and pick one whose philosophies jive with yours. When we talk about philosophies, we mean the beliefs you have and the goals you want to work at. It’s always wise to talk to people who have already worked with your prospective coach. As you may know, first-hand accounts are the most accurate. Of course, before you make any major steps, ensure that you’re prepared to be coached.
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A good dating coach will slowly but surely guide you of your comfort zone to help you attain personal growth. Having an open mind is a must, as well as preparedness to test the restrictions you may have set upon yourself as far as your social abilities are concerned. As part of your readiness, you have to be fully aware of the fact that this will not be easy.
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As there are many questionable coaching programs out there, do your research before finally choosing one. Any program or coach lasting at least five years, is most likely a good one. After all, considering the stiff competition going on in this business, only the best can survive that long. Look into the coaches’ experience level. How long have they worked as coaches? Do they have mostly positive reviews from students? Know whether you’ll be training by the head coaches themselves, or mainly with less-experienced junior coaches. Before you start with any coaching program, spend time working on yourself. Expose yourself to uncomfortable social situations, mingle with people you wouldn’t usually talk to, and simply jump out of your comfort zone. This can help make you ready for the program, making it way less overwhelming. One thing you must bear in mind is that dating coaches are not all made equal. Just because you think you’ve found one doesn’t mean everyone else is going to be like him. These experts can vary a lot in terms of their experience, specialty and even in their pricing. The best route to the right coach is having two or three prospects (more than that could be confusing). Finally, be sensitive to your intuition. What is it saying about the coach you’re planning to hire? Even with everything else checking out, don’t proceed if there’s something in you that’s holding you back. It is completely important – critical even – that you are comfortable with your dating coach and click together. Otherwise, it’s easy to see how this business relationship is going to fail.

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Online Dating Coaches: How They Can Help in Finding Dates and True Love Finding one true is one of the longings of numerous men and women. Nonetheless, the road to finding selfless, unconditional and true love cannot happen overnight and it can sometimes be a rocky road for the most of us as you need to experience plenty of trials to find one. Majority of us find it difficult and frustrating to overcome relationship failures and to recover from such mistake. It holds true for those men and women with plans of settling down along with their loved ones in certain pointers of their lives. Majority of us have the intention of experiencing the different stages of relationships, starting from friendship to marriage. Nonetheless, not all men and women are lucky enough to find their life partners and soulmates. How will you know of these individuals are the right persons for us? It is sad to say that it is very hard for us to know and to identify these people. For those who are in similar situation, then the best move they can make is to seek the help and the expertise of online dating coaches. What are the ways on how these dating coaches can help men and women? To know more about them and their services, be sure to continue reading this article. Knowing More About Online Dating Coaches When we talk about dating coaches, we refer to the men and women who are experts when it comes to providing guidance, advices and help to customers so they can achieve success in dating and interpersonal relations. With the use of role-playing, products, discussions, behavioral modeling as well as other direction forms, these dating coaches train their clients in attracting and meeting their romantic partners.
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When you observe around, you will notice that there are growing numbers of single men and women who seek their soulmates and future life partners in different internet dating sites. Through these online dating sites, you will have the opportunity of meeting numerous individuals whom you can exchange short messages, photographs, profiles and ideas. For those who have the intent of furthering these friendships and acquaintances to more serious ones, then you can seek the advice, help and guidance of dating coaches.
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How Online Dating Coaches Can Help You? Actually, these dating coaches have the skills and expertise in identifying possible life partners. With the utilization of reputable personality testing and other techniques, dating coaches can effectively identify the qualities and personalities of these men and women. Using these results, they find suitable pairs with similar behaviors, likes, dislikes and personalities. Technically, they are the ones who do the matching so their clients will meet their future soulmates and life partners. Moreover, these dating coaches will also give their clients with guidance, assistance and reputable advices so they can enhance their relationships, nurture it and care for it to last a lifetime.