Bring Arts Back to Where It belongs

With art, people can experience to engage with surrounding environment. Enjoying art can also help relaxing our mind and also help us refreshed from stressful condition. Unfortunately, not all people have access to art as the tickets to art performance or exhibition becomes more and more expensive. Even here in New York City, home world class art and cultural centers it is a big irony and most people can’t afford to enjoy art.

Art is part of human civilization and it is supposed to be part of every society. It is highly concerning that there are underprivileged people without access to good art. That’s a sign of unhealthy society. Fortunately, there are people with huge passion eager to work together to bring art back to where it really belongs; to the people. Sing for Hope is an initiative and non-profit organization dedicated for arts outreach beyond concert halls and art centers. The big mission is to bring arts closer to NYC people regardless of their background and economic condition. Among its flagship programs is distributing street pianos on public spaces all over the cities. The street pianos are decorated to make it eye catching and being in public spaces, everyone can play the piano. The street pianos are proven to encourage people to connect with other when the piano played. That’s the true form of arts for the society.

Sing for Hope also creates programs to allow professional artists and musicians to give back to the society. Volunteering artists and musicians will work together with community centers, public schools in underprivileged neighborhoods, hospitals, and public spaces to perform, teach, and give workshops. This kind of program will create new insights and encourage more and more people to engage with the arts and music. The big goal is to make everyone realizes that they are part of big society of NYC.